Sunday, July 24

Sixteenth Letter

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▄▀▀ ▀ █─█ ▀█▀ █▀▀ █▀▀ █▄─█ ▀█▀ █──────█── █▀▀ ▀█▀ ▀█▀ █▀▀ █▀▀▄
─▀▄ █ ▄▀▄ ─█─ █▀▀ █▀▀ █─▀█ ─█─ █▀▄────█─▄ █▀▀ ─█─ ─█─ █▀▀ █▐█▀
▀▀─ ▀ ▀─▀ ─▀─ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀──▀ ─▀─ ▀─▀────▀▀▀ ▀▀▀ ─▀─ ─▀─ ▀▀▀ ▀─▀▀
Ⓙαṧøᾔ Ħℯґтẕ
Ẏ☺ü ḓїḓη'т ḱηøẘ т♄℮ґ℮ ẘεґε $їxт℮ℯη
He felt a soft vibration under his left cheek. His eyes opened. To quickly for some one who had been a sleep? There’s an easy answer, though: He hadn’t been a sleep.

Actually he’s been awake the entire night, thinking about the conversation he’d had with his girlfriend. Thinking about all her tears. She wasn’t the same girl anymore. In the last four years, she’d really changed.

The vibration continued. He groaned and sat up, looking at the phone on his pillow. On the next pillow Cassandra was still sleeping soundly.
He picked up the phone. “Yes?” He whispered.

From the other end of the line he could hear soft sobs. Her voice was high and shaking when she said his name. “Eriza?” he jumped out of the bed, not wanting to wake Cassy. “Baby-girl, what’s wrong?” Jason asked in a soft, soothing tone. Her crying made him feel so bad. He didn’t want anything to make her sad. He wanted to fix everything in her life.

He didn’t want her crying

“Jason. I want to kill myself.” She whimpered.

“What?” Confused for a moment. “NO!” Loud and quickly. He’s never heard her say anything like this before. It came as a bit of a shock.

“Jason, I...” Her voice broke and sobs followed. He felt so useless.

“Eriza. Let’s talk about this... Baby everything will be alright.” He promised. “Please, maybe... I’ll come over right-“

“No.” She interrupted, her voice sounding much stronger than before. “No. I’ll meet you at our park.” The last word came out in a whisper.

“Are you s-”

“Yes.” She paused, sniffing. Then she hung up.

Jason sighed and went back into the bedroom. He sat down next to Cassy. He smiled, lovingly at his little sister. She looked like a little angel, lying on the bed. So perfect with her thin, blonde hair and pale, white face. She opened her sky blue eyes.

“Hey Cass... I’m going to see ‘Riza for a while; I’ll be back soon, ‘kay?” His sister gave him a sweet smile. She could always do that, make the worst moments seem like the best. He brushed over her golden hair and stood up.

Monday, May 2

Meisies en seuns verskil meer as wat ons dink

Meisies en seuns verskil meer as wat ons gedink het. Meisies en seuns stel in die selfde goed belang en kan aan dieselfde sporte deelneem. Dit is nie meisies en seuns as n eenheid wat verskil nie, dis die eintlike person, want elke person is uniek en anders. Almal dink dat seuns meer aggresief en sportief is as meisies. In my verslag gaan ek ook kyk hoe meisies en seuns se emosies verskil en hoekom dit verskil. 

Vir dekades vertel almal vir ons dat seuns en meisies verskil. Hulle brein verskil. Hulle ontwikkeling verskil en niemand kan enige iets doen om dit te verander nie. Volgens Moir en Jessel (1989) gebruik seuns die helfte van die brein wat meisies gebruik vir emosies en verbaal, vir goed doen. Soos model vliegtuie bou en net hulle hande te gebruik. 

Volgens n 2011 steekproef gedoen deur Lisa Badenhorst se 7 uit 10 leerders dat meisies en seuns aan dieselfde sporte kan deelneem, maar nie noodwendig hoef nie. My argument is tog dat seuns sterker en groter as baie meisies is en dus sal dit nie regverdig wees om teen hulle n sport te speel nie, maar meisies kan tog hulle eie spanne he vir enige ‘seun sporte’ soos Rugby en Krieket. 

In dieselfde steekproef verklaar ek dat meisies en seuns min of meer in dieselfde goed belangstel, uitsluitend klere, televisie en rekenaar. 

Volgens die steekproef word beide geslagte ook oor dieselfde goed depresief, naamlik n geborke hart en die dood. Hierdie hang tog ook af van die spesifieke person wat gevra word. 

Meisies dink oor die algemeen dat hulle slimmer, meer suksesvol en meer hardwerkend is as seuns al van die jong ouderdom van vier. Seuns dink weer dat meisies beter op skool sal doen op omtrent ag of nege. Volgens navorsing gedoen by die Universiteit van Kent. Meisies doen ook weer oor die algemeen beter as seuns, want hulle is makliker om mee te werk. Seuns speel rowwe speletjies van jong ouderdomme en gee minder aandag in klas as meisies. Dus doen meisies oor die algemeen beter op skool. Volgens eind eksamen punte doen meisies ook beter as seuns. daar is amper n 10% verskil in die punte. Volgens Jenny Parkes n senior dosent in onderwys, geslag en internasionale ontwikkeling het studies gewys dat goed doen op skool 'meisierig' is en seuns wil nie so geklasifiseer word nie. So meisies doen oor die algemeen beter as seuns op skool vir verskeie redes, maar hulle verskil tog op hierdie manier, maak nie saak wat die redes.
Volgens navorsers soos Campbell Leaper van die Universiteit van California verskil die manier hoe meisies en seuns met mense werk ook. Hy se dat waar seuns eerlik sal wees sal meisies eerder goed gemanierd wees. Soos byvoorbeeld: Meisies sal nie se dat die lemonade sleg proe nie, selfs al doen dit, waar seuns heeltamal eerlik sal wees. Dit is tog nie so in alle gevalle nie, maar oor die algemeen is seuns meer eerlik as meisies.

Laaste verskil meisies en seuns se emosies tog. Volgens Moir en Jessel (1989) het meisies n seker chemikaliee wat seuns nie het in hulle ligame nie, dus is meisies meer geneig om emosioneel te wees. As ook 5/5 van die seuns wat deel was van die steekproef het gese dat meisies meer emosioneel is as seuns. 

Daarom sluit ek nou af om te se dat dit nie regtig maklik is om te se of meisies en seuns regtig so baie verskil nie. Dit hang meestal af van die spesifieke persoon en nie die hele geslag nie, maar na al my navorsing het ek my hipotese verkeerd bewys. Meisies en seuns verskil tog meer as wat ons gedink het.

Report about teenagers and their role models

In this report the importance of role models will be discussed. The kinds of role models will be listed. As well the importance of role model and the way the influence teenagers. A group of grade 9 learners were given questionnaires about their role models on the 20th of April. 

A list of positive ways in which role models influence the youth:
-          They give teenagers a style/fashion to follow.
-          They do good deeds, like donating to charities exc.
-          They set good examples
-          They don’t drink or smoke
-          They strive for better things
-          They have  a good attitude about life

A list of negative ways in which role models influence the youth:
-          Cheating on a lover
-          Using drugs.
-          Doing bad stuff.
-          Swearing.
-          They’re selfish or rude.
-          Under age drinking
-          Pre marital sex

From the above information it is clear that role models are important to teenagers. Most people need someone to look up to and to set a good example for them to follow. Out of the information gathered 100% said that role models are important. Everyone also said that their role models set good examples for them to follow and does not have a negative influence on them.

Before she died

“Bitch.” She muttered under her breath. I grinned and looked back down on my writing. My handwriting definitely is better than hers.
“Ambary, I’m sorry but you have a horrible handwriting.”
“Layla, so do you.” We both collapsed laughing on the bed. What can I say? When you’re with your best friend everything is funny. Well everything was funny... before she died.

Wednesday, April 20

Stopping by woods on a snowy evening

Whose woods these are I think I know. 
His house is in the village though; 
He will not see me stopping here 
To watch his woods fill up with snow. 

My little horse must think it queer 
To stop without a farmhouse near 
Between the woods and frozen lake 
The darkest evening of the year. 

He gives his harness bells a shake 
To ask if there is some mistake. 
The only other sound's the sweep 
Of the easy wind and downy flake. 

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, 
But I have promises to keep, 
And miles to go before I sleep, 
And miles to go before I sleep. 

--Robert Frost 

Death in Robert Frost's life...
1885 - Father dies of tuberculosis on May 5, leaving family with only $8 after expenses are paid. Family moves to Lawrence, Mass. to live with grandparents. Robert and Jeanie dislike grandparents' sternness and rigorous discipline. Enters third grade after testing, while younger sister enters fourth grade. 

1900 - Son Elliott dies of cholera on July 8 and is buried in Lawrence. Elinor suffers sever depression. Frost's heath declines. Mother enters sanatorium in Penacook, NH. Mother dies of cancer on November 2 and is buried in Lawrence. 

1901 - Reads Thoreau's Walden for the first time. Grandfather William Prescott Frost dies on July 10; his will gives Frost a $500 annuity and use of the Derry farm for ten years, after which the annuity is to be increased to $800 and Frost is to be given ownership of the farm. 

1907 - Daughter Elinor Bettina is born on June 18, and dies on June 21. 

1910 - Revises English curriculum for the Pinkerton Academy and develops program emphasizing an informal, conversational teaching style. He writes in the school catalog: "The general aim of the course in English is twofold: to bring our students under the influence of the great books, and to teach them the satisfactions of superior speech." Father-in-law dies May 26. 

1917 - Moves to Amherst in January. A Way Out, a one act play, is published. Deeply grieved by the death of Edward Thomas (E.T.), killed during the battle of Arras. Teaching position at Amherst is extended. Lesley enters Wellesley College. 

1929 - Permits Marjorie to begin nursing school. Sister Jeanie dies in state mental hospital in August, Maine in early September. Frost and Elinor move into farm they purchased in South Shaftsbury.

1930 - Collected Poem published in November. Elected in the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Visits Marjorie who has been hospitalized in Baltimore with tuberculosis.

1934 - Marjorie develops puerperal fever after daughter is born in March, dies May 2 and is buried in Billings.Daughter is taken care of by Carol and his wife Lillian. Elinor suffers severe attach of angina pectoris in November. Under doctor orders, Frost and Elinor go to Key West in December.

1938 - Elinor dies of heart failure in Gainesville, Florida March 20. Frost collapses and is unable to attend cremation. Resigns position at Amherst College and returns to South Shaftsbury. Asks Kathleen Morrison to marry him; she refuses. 

1940 - Undergoes surgery for hemorrhoids. Health improves and purchases five acres of land in South Miami. Tries to talk his son, whose long-standing depression and suspiciousness have become more acute since Elinor's death, out of his suicidal thoughts. Returns to Boston thinking crisis is over and is horrified when Carol commits suicide with a deer-hunting rifle on October 9. 

1946 - Daughter Irma's mental condition deteriorates.

1951 - Due to worsening eyesight, now often recites poems from memory. Has cancerous lesion removed from upper right side of his face.

1962 - Fall seriously ill with pneumonia and is hospitalized in South Miami in February. Undergoes prostrate operation in December. Doctors find cancer in his prostate and bladder. Suffers pulmonary embolism on December 23.

1963 - Awarded the Bollingen Prize for Poetry. Suffers another embolism on January 7. Dies shortly after midnight on January 29. Private memorial service for friends and family is held in Appleton Chapel in Harvard yard, and public service is held at Johnson Chapel, Amherst College. Ashes are interred in the Frost family plot in Old Bennington, Vermont.

Tuesday, April 12

Song fail

Both arms wrapped around my waist
Kiss and smile
And see his stunning face

When you touch me 
I fly away 
Like a butterfly you make my heart take off

When he looks he's looking down on me feelings bloom bleam
I see both eyes 
Smiling and Sparkling green

Your hug your kiss
You touch my hand
End up looking down feeling sad
'Cus I know there's no one there for me
'Cus you haunt my every dream  

You touch my hand cheak 
You kiss my cheak 
End up looking down 
I'm feeling kinda bleak

I can tell you his favourite song
Can tell you where he wants to belong
Talks okay, keeps his pace
I can tell you 'bout his favourite place

My attemp on writing a song... FAIL!

Friday, April 8


A lovely face a lovely smile
Always say the perfect things
Sways her hips and wave her hair
kiss kiss each cheek

Off camera, off set
Wiped off the perfect make up
wiped off the perfect smile
Her hair thrown into a perfect bun

Her fake smile washed away with every tear
She wants to die, she wants to cry
No one listens
She's perfect
A lovely face a lovely smile.

Leroy Allison

We spend to much time living in the 'what if' and need to learn to live in the 'what is'.
Rev. Leroy Allison

Thursday, April 7


Voor my staan die predekant. Lanks my- my ma. Agter my- my beste vriendin. Almal huil, maar ek het nie n traan in my oe nie. Hierdie maak nie naby aan sin nie. Ek moet nie hier wees nie. Hierdie is nie my plek nie. Ek staar na die doodskis. Ek draai na my ma. Haar hande is oor haar gesig en ek kan nie my gewoontlike, pragtige ma se gesig sien nie, maar die trane loop onder deur haar hande by haar ken af. Die traan van op die grond. Ek staar af na waar die traan geval het. Dan kyk ek weer op na my kis. Is dit nie n droom wat almal wil he nie? Wil jy nooit voor lanks die predekant kan staan en kyk wie almal by jou begrafnis sal opdaag nie? Ek het al baie kere in my lewe hieraan gedink en hoe cool dit sal wees om my ma te sien huil, my beste vriendin te sien suif, daardie ou wat ek nog altyd van gehou het sien sy trane probeer wegsteek.
Maar nou wil ek net my arms om my ma gooi en vir haar se ek’s life vir haar. Vir haar se ek is so jammer dat ek so opgemors het.
Die predekant sluit af met n kort gebed en dan stap Kara op die verhoog op, Vee vinnig oor haar oe, maar haar keel skoon en se n gedig op. Dit is asof die wereld stil staan. Ek het nie geweet my vriendin kan so skryf nie- ek het nie geweet sy kon so praat nie. Sy lees die gedig met soveel gevoel en dit is asof sy niemand raaksien nie, net vir my. Maar dit kan mos nie wees nie. Hierdie is my begrafnis. Ek is die een wat dood is. Ek is nie regtig hier nie.